Occupy Philly calls for Constitutional Amendment

From the General Aseembly in Philly last night

Below is the proposal passed last night by overwhelming majority. PLEASE PASS IT ON.
Changes made from 10/30/11 General Assembly:

Call For a Constitutional Amendment To Purify the American Political Process

We of Occupied Philadelphia call for an amendment to the Constitution that would eliminate Corporate Personhood. We call for all “Occupied” locations in the United States, and all people to join in solidarity to make this happen.

In the Spirit of FDR’s words, whose “New Deal” led us out of the Great Depression, “I believe you, go and make me do it”, we propose the following:

National work stoppages
National strikes
Refraining from buying anything other than, “Essential of life purchases”.
National peaceful and inspirational rallies, and other necessary measures

Until our government passes such an Amendment.

Marc Armstrong
Executive Director

Public Banking Institute
Banking in the Public Interest

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