Dems should run candidates with prior experience at winning in local races

Remember this list of all the Democratic Races in Eastern WA I posted on facebook a number of days ago? With the results in ….. the most obvious common denominator among ALL these races is that the Democratic candidates with NO ELECTED OFFICE EXPERIENCE ….. LOST by wide margins …. while those with experience …. mostly incumbents …. WON handily. The only exception being Paul George who had been a Yakima Councilman, lost to GOPer business woman McCabe who never won an elected office prior to her run for the House seat in the 14th. As I’ve said repeatedly … Republicans can get away with it …. Democrats can’t.

We need to start with a “Clean Sheet of Paper” and throw out a strategy of endorsing and supporting anyone who waltzes in with their hand raised or is persuaded at the last minute …. with a “D” behind their name and NO ELECTED OFFICE EXPERIENCE! It’s no surprise it didn’t work this time and hasn’t worked for the past 20+ years!

Doesn’t anyone get tired of losing? It’s as if EaWA Democrats REFUSE to learn from their failure …… doing the same thing election after election. Why?

WON 3rd LD House – Tim Ormsby* vs Libertarian no elected office experience
WON 3rd LD House – Marcus Recelli* vs GOP no elected office experience
Lost 6th LD Senate – Rich Cowen -no vs GOP INCUMBENT
Lost 6th LD House – Donald Dover -no vs GOP INCUMBENT
Lost 6th LD House – Steve Siegfreid** -no vs GOP INCUMBENT
Lost 8th LD Senate – Doug McKinley -no vs GOP INCUMBENT
Lost 8th LD House – Eric Kalia -no vs GOP INCUMBENT
Lost 14th LD House – Paul George*** vs GOP no elected office experience
Lost 15th LD House – Martinez-Chavez -no vs GOP INCUMBENT
Lost 15th LD Senate – Gabriel Munoz -no vs GOP INCUMBENT
Lost 16th LD House – Frank Blair** -no vs GOP INCUMBENT
Lost 5th Cong Dist – Joe Pakootas -no vs GOP INCUMBENT

-no = NO elected office experience
*** = Democrat WITH previous non-partisan elected public office experience
** = Democrat Write-in
* = Incumbent DEMOCRAT!

Plan A, no B

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