Cindy Sheehan to speak at 7pm, Wednesday 27th June, at University Temple Methodist Church

Real Change News and Rev. Richard Lang  report:

Jesuit priest, poet and activist Daniel Berrigan once said, “If you want to follow Jesus, you better look good on wood.”

With a multitude of arrests and prison confinements for his radical stand against war, Berrigan was a role model for words. Cindy Sheehan, who once worked as a church youth minister, also knows a thing or two about looking good on wood. She was the mom who wouldn’t shut up when her son was killed in Iraq. She was the mom who dared to question, “What noble cause?” in a time when America was still obediently waving the flag after the 9/11 tragedy had transformed the character of our people from optimistic to fearful.

Sheehan will speak at 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 27 at University Temple United Methodist Church. She has been traveling a long, lonely — and some would say — crazy road since her own consciousness shifted upon hearing of son Casey’s senseless death.

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