Ask your legislators to oppose anti-environment bill SB 6406

The Environmental Priorities Coalition says:

SB 6406 would gut the Growth Management Act (the law that protects our state from sprawl), make several major policy changes to the State Environmental Policy Act, and now potentially delay laws that would prevent toxic stormwater runoff from entering Puget Sound and waterways across the state.  Special interests are using SB 6406 as a vehicle to undermine our most basic environmental protections and it is quickly gaining momentum in the Legislature.

Please email your legislators and ask him or her to stand up against environmental rollbacks and oppose SB 6406.
The Seattle Times recently published an editorial stating “…preventing pollution is cheaper than the remedial efforts to clean up later.  Legislators ought to understand and value that.”  Undermining our state’s environmental laws endangers public health, clean water and air, and sets us up for much bigger costs down the road.
For decades, Washingtonians have worked together to protect our environment and quality of life. We should not allow a few special industry interests to push through legislation now that would undo this work. Their claim – that we must hurt our environment to improve our economy – is a false choice.  We need to ask our legislators to stand up for Washington values – a strong economy and a healthy environment.

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