Adam Smith's request for constituents'preferences about issues

Below is a copy of an email I received from Rep. Adam Smith asking about issues Congress should work on. I realize that the email is sent to various constituents, not all of whom are progressives or Democrats.

The issue named “Tax Reform” is ambiguous.  Yes, I’m for tax reform, but it depends on what type you mean. A flat tax would be bad “reform.”  Elimination of tax loopholes and an increase in tax on capital gains would be good, as would eliminating the cap on Social Security contributions.

The issue “Education Reform” is even more problematic, because nowadays that usually means charter schools, whose supporters are mostly hoping to weaken public education.

The biggest issues facing the nation are probably (1) climate change, (2) reducing the influence of money on politics (including overturning Citizens United), (3) reducing the power and cost of the military and security state, (4) establishing a progressive and fair tax system that eliminates loopholes, (5) student debt, and (6) unemployment.

Which of these pending issues do you believe is most important for Congress to address before the end of the year?
Gun Law Reforms
Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Affordable Care Act Implementation
The Debt Ceiling
Tax Reform
SNAP/Food Stamp Reauthorization
Financial Services Reform
Climate Change
Education Reform

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I know this list doesn’t cover every issue. If there’s something more specific you’d like Congress to work on, I encourage you to contact me here . Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with me.

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