Unscientific ad served by facebook

FB served me this rather silly ad, which questions the science of evolution and which appears to make the case for intelligent design. I’m sharing it here so we can chortle at it. FB serves me all sorts of right wing ads; I will follow up this article with one listing some of those ads.

I usually Laugh at the right wing ads that facebook serves, and facebook keeps serving me more of them, even going so far as offering me a badge for being a top fan. Its algorithms are too dumb to realize that I was Laughing at the ads, not Liking them; or maybe facebook just wants to increase its metrics about user interactions, so that it can justify its high fees for ads.

The ad links to https://www.facebook.com/UNscientifica.

IT’S TIME TO THINK OUTSIDE OUR ORBIT. (It’s more plausible than haphazard, agoraphobic evolution !)
The model of random evolution just doesn’t cut it. There’s no real proof that mutations and selection account for the diversity of life on this planet.

So-called scientists take joy in proclaiming the Earth isn’t unique and humans aren’t special. Yet they inexplicably scoff at the idea that life on Earth might be the result of extraterrestrial handiwork. (Are we unique and special—or not?)

OUTLANDISH IDEAS ARE NOW WORTH EXPLORING, rather than clinging to century-old musings that fall short on addressing enigmas that are unanswered or ignored such as:

– Origin of first life
– Cambrian explosion – Appears to be evidence of a weirdness competition
– Origin of genetic source code – equivalent to computer code
– Origin of genetic information – all other information we know of is a product of intelligence
– Incredible complexity of the human brain
– Lack of precursors to human linguistic language
– Unexplainable oddities; pyramids, early writing, Stonehenge.

If you’re inclined to not believe in a Divine Creator, a potential scenario given an additional nine billion years of the Universe’s existence is for an extraterrestrial origin of life on Earth. That’s 9,000,000,000 years. (We’ve been “intelligent” for a mere 200,000 years.)
To many, the idea of alien visitation sounds…(take your pick):

– crazy
– frivolous
– nonsensical
– preposterous
– ludicrous
– idiotic.

But no longer, at least to the official space agency NASA as it announced recently, “NASA has brought together some of the world’s leading scientists… to apply the full focus of science and data to Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP).”

Admittedly, extraterrestrial origin of life on Earth is not a hypothesis with more evidence than farcical Darwinian undirected random evolution, that’s never been witnessed. BUT it’s a more plausible explanation for the many outstanding enigmas mentioned.
Imagine if humans had the opportunity, knowledge and ability to create any life forms they could envisage; a romp on a new pristine planet—with ideal conditions for a playground of creativity and amusement.

Perhaps an extraterrestrial civilization billions of years before us did just that.

Populating the young fertile Earth with a panoply of life forms, each designed for a specific niche; designed to be beautiful, designed to be weird, designed to be ferocious, designed to be aquatic, designed to be aerial, designed to be photosynthetic, designed to be aromatic—designed individually, not precursors for evolution.

A caveat however; suppose like us these designers with extraordinary intelligence weren’t perfect. Suppose their knowledge evolved over time as did their creations, analogous to our own technological progress, flaws included. That would explain imperfect evolution with increasing complexity—INTELLIGENT EVOLUTION nevertheless.

So, is alien creation of life less scientific or more fantastic than Darwin’s imagined, random and undirected evolution?

The answer is, IT’S NOT. The Universe is vast. The origin and evolution of life here didn’t have to be limited to this tiny planet in an almost limitless cosmos.

And that too is being acknowledged by NASA’s Astrobiology Program’s $7 million initiative called the Laboratory for Agnostic Biosignatures (LAB), to develop techniques to identify “lyfe” in the cosmos with different biochemistry than we assume; perhaps differing in genetic code or not even carbon-based.
Contemplating the unknown without the constraints of established dogma excites, inspires and encourages learning about all that we do know about biology, astronomy, physics and chemistry.

A lot can transpire during nine billion years before Earth existed; technologies that we can’t even imagine. It IS time to think outside our orbit.

"UnScientific" facebook ad
“UnScientific” facebook ad