Thoughts on the state Chairs race to replace Dwight Pelz

We could play it as a numbers game.

1 Candidate has run for office – Jay Clough (4th CD and 8th LD)

1 Candidate (that I’m aware of) is a union member – Jay Clough (IBEW 984, current apprentice of UA Local 598 {Plumbers and Steamfitters union})

1 Candidate is the Chair of one of our caucuses – Jay Clough (Veterans and Military Families)

1 Candidate is chair of our chair’s organization – Jay Clough

2 Candidates have been appointed to positions by Democratic Governors – Jay Clough and Nancy Biery

2 Candidates have been chairs of County Democratic Organizations – Jay Clough and Nancy Biery and both county organizations are doing well.

2 Candidates have offered specific plans on what they intend to do day one to win elections. – Jay Clough and Jim Kainber.

From what I can find, 1 Candidate has been interviewed multiple times in the media and has been debating Democratic values in the public eye more than the others, and that is Jay Clough. Again, since he was a candidate, he would likely be very comfortable in the public. Being interviewed on TV is a different experience than standing in front of a rally, which honestly ALL of us have done at one time or another.

All of the candidates have been involved in building PARTY organizations, just not all of them as Chairs. Jim and Jaxon built and ran (or currently run) the WSDCC itself and Nancy and Jay built and ran/run their county organizations.

Since all of them have shown that they can raise money and all of them claim they can build the party and all claim that they will win elections, we have little to go on but the differences. The numbers based on those differences add up, and seem to point me to Jay Clough.

Which is what I said in the first place.

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