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Getting in front of the vacancy appointment process

The Constitution says that the county central committees must send 3 names to the county councils so that a choice may be made on who should have the appointment.  As much as we would wish it, the vote of the PCOs is not the final say.  Over the last few decades, we have had the […]

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Thoughts on the state Chairs race to replace Dwight Pelz

We could play it as a numbers game. 1 Candidate has run for office – Jay Clough (4th CD and 8th LD) 1 Candidate (that I’m aware of) is a union member – Jay Clough (IBEW 984, current apprentice of UA Local 598 {Plumbers and Steamfitters union}) 1 Candidate is the Chair of one of […]


We've Sacrificed Enough Already

In a nation and state where we operate under the rules of democracy, the blame for our budget woes belongs to “we the people”. Not “them”, “us”. We have to take the credit and the responsibility for the situation, and we have to be accountable to fix it. Everyone has their role in creating the […]


House Debate on The People's Budget

After about an hour searching around for information in the record about the people’s budget, I found the following: Amendment number 3 to H CON RES 34 was introduced by Mr. Grijalva (D-AZ-07) at 9:41AM on April 15, 2011.  The House used a total of 30 minutes to debate the amendment, which was the People’s […]