Tax the 1%

Tax the 1%

Organized by Brad Newsham

As reported by Susan Harman:
The amazing Brad Newsham did it again today. He got 1,000 of us out to Ocean Beach, at the end of Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, to lie down on the sand and spell out TAX THE 1%. Two SF Supervisors joined us. I was proud to be on middle bar of the E. He’s done this for years, with different, urgent messages (e.g., IMPEACH BUSH). This year some of us stopped at OccupySF on the way and picked up some Occupiers. I won’t speak for the others, but my own motivation was to give the younguns a sense of history, of continuity, a sense that they didn’t spring out of nowhere, that—although we oldies but goodies have dismally failed to end the illegal occupations or rein in War Street—we have valiantly and persistently tried.

But the Republican Party is dead set against raising any taxes — hundreds of congressmen having pledged not to raise them, despite the costs of wars, the huge debt, and huge inequalities of wealth.  A large proportion of the population still supports the Republicans (see the stats in Support None of the Above?) and don’t trust government or the Democrats . So it’s hard to see how the Left can win on this issue without an ugly, long fight — a fight that our current Wall Street friendly president seems unwilling to engage.

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