Republican State Senator Doug Ericksen gets covid-19, dies, after denouncing Gov. Inslee’s covid restrictions

CNN is reporting that Washington State Senator Dough Ericksen has died, apparently from covid-19.

Ericksen caught covid-19 on a trip to El Salvador, where he was unable to get treatment.

This is sad but also ironic, since Ericksen had strongly denounced Gov. Inslee’s covid-19 mandates and restrictions.

As of Dec. 19, 2021, his webpage https://dougericksen.src.wastateleg.org/news/ still shows:

It’s 49 against one as Washington governor imposes harshest vaccine mandate in nation, Ericksen says

Inslee is only governor to fire unvaccinated workers – other states breathe free “We don’t need to live like this,” Ericksen says. “49 other states do not. Jay is out of touch. He should resign.” Nearly 2,000 unvaccinated state employees fired Proposed state regulation could extend vaccine mandate to private…

Why Gov. Jay Inslee Needs to Resign

Note: The following op-ed was distributed to media outlets throughout Washington state on Oct. 21, 2021. By Sen. Doug Ericksen [670 words] As the COVID pandemic winds down and the rest of our country returns to life as normal, Washington state has emerged as a leader in oppression. Nearly 2,000…

As thousands fired under Inslee decree, Senate Freedom Caucus calls on governor to resign

Mass-termination event is last straw — senators cite failure of leadership Thousands of state employees get ax under Inslee vaccination mandate Follows nearly 600 days of autocratic decisions in ‘emergency’ that never ends Ferries on reduced schedule due to severe staffing shortage, other impacts expected Governor has ignored Legislature, shut…

Ericksen was much disliked by progressive activists, for his support for fossil fuel industries. For example, from 2013:

Sen. Doug Ericksen promotes climate change denial, weakens toxic control act, and accepts the most free meals from oil industry lobbyists

Ericksen was appointed by the Trump administration to help dismantle the EPA.

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