Rep. Adam Schiff gets it right about Russiagate

Adam Schiff spoke my mind with these epic questions in Congress yesterday. These are also the questions I’d ask those on the left who are now using a sentence fragment from the Mueller report—cited by an AG who was hired to protect the president—to tell everyone who closely followed this investigation that we were all wrong & foolish & should apologize for how wrong & foolish we’ve been.

To all those (Greenwald, Taibbi, and many others) who have recently been shaming the media & fellow progressives for believing this was an important investigation, I put Schiff’s questions to you: Do you think all of this is okay? Do you really believe that it would have been better if we never knew any of this stuff happened?

Do you think it’s okay to join in the right-wing narrative pronouncing this president innocent based on a BS letter from a cover-up artist without even waiting to see the full report? And then have the nerve to say that it’s the media & fellow progressives who have been jumping to conclusions & owe everyone an apology?

Do you think it’s okay to join in the chorus from Fox Noise & Twitler himself claiming that he’s been the victim here & it’s all the people who have investigated him that deserve to be punished?

Do you really think that’s okay??!!! I don’t think that’s okay.

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