A marketing problem with voters

I asked the 26 year old unemployed son of a friend to help out with some yard work. While working, we got to discussing politics. He said, “I heard that Obama wants gas prices to be high so that people will drive less.” I tried to explain that that’s nonsense.

Later, when discussing taxation he said, “You gotta admit that the Republicans are correct that there’s too much government waste.” I tried to explain that the Republicans (and conservative Dems) themselves are responsible for much of that waste and, besides, the tax system is unfair and we have to pay the bills from the wars, etc.

Mind you, this guy is unemployed and lacks a college education. If people like him swallow Republican framing, we’re screwed. Conservatives portray themselves as populists who will defend the average guy against the elite Democrats and corrupt bureaucrats. Little do the voters realize who the GOP are really helping.

Politics, like so much of life, depends a lot on marketing. You can have the best products, ideas, skills, personality, intentions, or policies — but if you can’t convince the consumers to buy, you’re screwed.

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