Pinata Economics

I have been thinking about Romney and the general casino-style financial sector that has been preying on the US and the world over the past decade and the image of a pinata came to mind. Pinata economics. The willingness, the glee of smashing something pretty to get at the goodies inside really seems to fit with the get really rich really quick schemes of leveraged buyouts.

In These Times has a couple of good articles in the September 2012 issue. One is The Bain Legacy and the other How to Succeed in Business Without Adding Value. Both by David Moberg. I recommend reading them both.

Courtesy Paul Sapiano and Wiki Commons



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Pinata Economics. I claim intellectual property rights to that term and now I sell it to the highest bidder. Isn’t that the way these things work?

Wish I knew how to put the ~ symbol on top of the N.

Lo siento mucho, hermanos y hermanas.

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