Both are correct, Yo-Yo Me

Some progressives say we need to vote for President Obama despite his sell-outs, because the alternative is so much worse — especially given the fact that the president nominates Supreme Court justices.  Another factor is that if the voters think Obama is bad, then they’ll be less likely to vote for down-ticket Democratic candidates. So we should just hold our tongues, desist from criticizing the President, and vote for Obama in November.

I agree. They’re absolutely correct.  Romney and Ryan in the White House, especially with Republican control of Congress, would be disastrous.  So would Rob McKenna winning the governorship in Washington State.

Others say that Obama has betrayed too many Democratic principles and has greatly forwarded the right wing agenda.  Voting for Obama perpetuates a broken system.

I agree with them too. They’re absolutely correct.  Obama’s first term was much like what Bush’s third-term would have been.  With a few exceptions, Obama has served Wall Street, the military, and the 1%. The only people he has prosecuted are the whistle blowers.

Between those two polls I’m bounced like a yo-yo.

Butterfly Shaped yoyo

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