Koch-Blocked: a great video and an over-wrought essay

“Tired of the Koch Brothers buying our political system?”

Koch Blocked

An email went out promoting the above clever and powerful video. The email contained an essay, reproduced here, that calls the Koch Brothers and the Tea Party movement “Sociopathic fascists .” Repeatedly, they use terms “Corporate Fascist” and “Naziism.” The essay makes numerous valid points.  One of the more interesting ones is this:

In a college psych course, I learned this truth: if you take a frog and throw it into a pot of hot water, it will instantly jump out as an automatic defense reaction. However, if you put the same frog in a pot of cool water, then raise the temperature slowly enough, it will sit there contentedly until it cooks.

Americans today are the frogs of Corporate Fascism.

Americans better wake up soon to how they’re being cheated: how Republicans and corporate Democrats are allied with wealthy military and corporate interests, and how they’re slashing taxes on the rich, reversing the New Deal, and destroying the middle class.

But it’s a shame that the article used words like “Fascist” and “Naziism.”   There’s plenty to criticize about America, particularly with regard to overseas war-mongering (world domination?).   But, still, the Nazis in Germany were much worse.

I have some ideas for videos and animations like the one above.

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