Localize This! August 14-21, 2011 – Vashon Island

Localize This! August 14-21, 2011 – Register TODAY!

Join Activists & Organizers from Across the US for a Training That Will Transform Your Activism

Attend all or part, but register TODAY at LocalizeThis.org
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This Summer on Vashon Island, WA, the Backbone Campaign is hosting the third annual Localize This! Artful Activism Camp, an intensive training in nonviolent creative tactics, art for social change and community organizing.

Localize This! is a space to skill share and to train, strategize and design actions, build imagery and prepare for the upcoming campaigns and actions.
Join effective organizers and activists from Chicago, Biloxi, Boston, Baltimore, Burbank, Bellingham, Seattle, Portland, Oakland, Austin, Alaska and BEYOND!.

If you are a “freelance” activist, there is NO BETTER WAY to build your ability, confidence, and meet future collaborators. If you are part of a progressive organization, then send a delegation!

Visit http://LocalizeThis.org for information and registration.
Feel free to call the Backbone Campaign office at 206-408-8058 or email camp@backbonecampaign.org.

If you would like to sponsor an emerging activist, contribute to the travel fund please donate HERE. If you can loan Backbone a sea kayak, volunteer at camp, or donate food, then please call the office number above.

From Bill Moyer (Backbone Campaign)

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