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Please pull the Limited Service Pregnancy Center Accountability Act (HB 1366) out of the Rules Committee for a floor vote. Women facing a possible unintended pregnancy deserve to know the truth about these centers and to have their medical information kept private.
Limited service pregnancy centers (also called “crisis pregnancy centers” or fake clinics) generally offer nothing more than free pregnancy tests, anti-choice pregnancy and health care information, and sometimes ultrasounds. Women facing an unplanned pregnancy deserve real medical care and unbiased pregnancy information. Instead, they get false or misleading information about what services are offered, their patient privacy isn’t protected, their test results and medical records are withheld, and they are denied needed referrals for reproductive health care.


The Limited Service Pregnancy Center Accountability Act (HB 1366) requires these centers to disclose that they do not provide abortion or birth control care or referrals, to provide pregnancy test results immediately, and to keep women’s medical information private.


From NARAL pro-choice Washington