GOP economic plan: take America back…to the Middle Ages

Romneynomics: same old joke.

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According to the obfuscations of mainstream corporate media, neither President Barack Obama nor former governor Willard “Mitt” Romney has laid out a coherent economic plan for the thoughtful consideration of American voters.


President Obama’s blueprint for economic recovery is simple: put America back to work rebuilding our crumbling bridges, roads, schools, and hospitals; and increase revenue by asking our wealthiest citizens to pay their fair share of taxes. Result: the middle class has more money to save and spend; we lead safer, healthier, better-educated lives; and those fortunate enough to earn more will be more apt to re-invest their excess earnings here at home rather than gambling it away or spending it overseas.

Why hasn’t the Obama plan been implemented? Because the do-nothing Republican House and filibuster-happy Republicans in the Senate don’t want the American economy to rebound. That would be bad for them at the polls come November and run counter to their expressed goal of making Obama a one-term President. Cynical? Yes. But that’s what the Republicorp Party is all about these days: anti-American transnational corporate greed wrapped in a flag of “American Exceptionalism” and pseudo-religious self-righteousness. As personified by their standard bearer, Willard Romney.

Speaking of whom…

The Romney economic plan is equally simple: decrease taxes for the rich, end corporate regulation, strip the labor force of all power, cut education funding, keep women in their place, and make sure only the “right people” are allowed to vote. Sound familiar? It’s the same insane supply-side “trickle-down” economics that’s been a disastrous failure for the past 30 years. Only now it’s coupled with a comprehensive strategy to keep workers weak, stupid, subservient, and powerless at the polls.

Welcome to the Republicorp vision of America: an all-powerful oligarchy propped up by a dumbed-down, minimum-wage workforce who dream one day of magically joining the aristocracy. And does this, too, sound familiar?

It was a time called the Middle Ages.

When Tea Party Republicans shout about “Taking America Back,” they mean waaaaaay back.

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