Breaking News: President Obama declares himself an Independent

July 7, 2011.  Washington, D.C.

In a hastily called press conference, President Obama announced his decision Thursday evening to sever formal ties with the Democratic Party and become an Independent.

President Obama explains his decision to become an Independent
President Obama explains his decision to become an Independent

With Senator Joseph Lieberman (I, CT) at his side, the President explained his decision to stunned staff members and journalists.

“After many months of frustrating negotiations with Congressional Democrats, I have come to see that the traditional Democratic policies are out of the mainstream.   I am sick and tired of being asked to support positions that are too far to the left for me and for the American people.”

Prompted to give examples of policies that he feels uncomfortable supporting, the President listed progressive taxation, environmentalism, clean energy, unionism, New Deal entitlements, isolationism and separation of church and state.   “These no longer make sense given the economic and social realities we face.  As commander-in-chief, I am especially uncomfortable with the extremist pacifist and isolationist tendencies of many on the Left.  In short, I can no longer in good conscience support the Democratic Party, and I welcome the opportunity as an Independent to work more closely with Speaker Boehner, Senator Lieberman, and other fine centrists.”

The President has come under increasing criticism from the progressive wing of the Democratic Party for what they consider betrayals of core Democratic principles.  The issue has come to the fore because of the President’s openness to making cuts to Social Security and Medicare during the recent budget negotiations.

After the President’s announcement, Press Secretary Jay Carney stayed behind to answer reporters’ questions.  “The President has kept his word.  He said when he ran for office that he intended to put an end to the partisan squabbling that has for so long divided the nation.  So I don’t think this announcement should come as a surprise to anyone.”

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4 Replies to “Breaking News: President Obama declares himself an Independent

  1. I’ve heard rumors that Romney is going to switch parties and run as a D now that Obama is out of the way. And that paves the way for Hillary to seek the Republican nomination.

  2. How obvious. He’s cozying up to the Independent party with hopes of getting their votes come 2012. He knows all the idiots that follow him, liberals, blacks, hispanics, union members and entitlement junkies will not be enough to pull off a win without the Independents and centrists. He never stops lying to us. That’s his political style. Good luck Barry, or whatever your name is. Sorry about that forged long form birth certificate, it is going to bring you down.

    1. POOKY – how did you manage to find this site and then figure out how to type in your profound message? bravo/brava for your acumen in being able to discern the truth through the fog of irony.

      David Koch thanks you, Karl Rove thanks you, and all of the other troglodytes who want to drag our country down and back to the dark ages thank you. Doing their work must be so rewarding.

  3. Efp: Agreed about Pooky Tooly! people like this poster will someday realize that Republicans (and most Dems) have cashed out of these United States. These contemptible politicians and their troll followers will inherit a country whose children will be slaves and the very wealthy(1%) will be their slaveholders. There will be no unions (worker rights),nor will their be human rights. If this is what you believe your children will inherit, then you deserve it!

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