Washington Investment Trust – State Bank Now



Why was North Dakota the only US State not affected by the banking crisis? (It’s not the oil.)

Because it was the ONLY State with its own Public Bank!

The State Bank bills are down to the wire in the WA Legislature. SB 6310 needs to move out of committee now or the bill is dead for this session. You can read all about the legislation at WA Public Bank Project.

This would be a bank for the 99%. North Dakota’s State Bank is the model. We are not reinventing the wheel with this idea.

The Washington State Treasurer James McIntire has weighed in against the bill and the idea of the State Bank. McIntire has shown himself to the be the Treasurer for the 1%.

Senators Steve Hobbs and Mary Haugen are the two primary votes in committee that are holding up the bill at this moment.

Steve Hobbs

Mary Haugen

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

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