A criminal gang has taken power

A criminal gang has taken power.

They’ve stolen elections; corrupted campaign financing; started illegal wars; tortured;  held innocent prisoners without trial;  invaded the privacy of Americans;  politicized Justice; packed the Courts; reversed decades of judicial precedent; corrupted government agencies;  crashed the economy by reckless deregulation, privatization, and mismanagement; bankrupted the US Treasury;  manipulated and consolidated the media; redistributed wealth to the super-rich; and used fear, religion, bigotry and deception to divide the nation.

Now the criminal gang is undoing the New Deal, refusing to consider President Obama’s judicial nominees, risking environmental disaster, and threatening to let the US default on its loans.   Federal and state programs that protect the poor and the middle class are being dismantled, while the rich enjoy subsidies, lax enforcement of existing laws, ample tax loopholes, and the lowest tax rates in decades.

Meanwhile, the US military and private contractors continue to wage wasteful, immoral wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries.

Due to the willful mismanagement of government by the criminal gang,  the People have lost faith in politicians and in the possibility of good government.

The institutions and individuals that might oppose the criminal gang have either sold out or been powerless to stop them.

Have a nice day.

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