You're Invited–Justice Party USA Electronic Gathering

Justice Party of Washington State

Working Together to Solve America’s Problems

At no time in the last century have so few held so much of our nation’s wealth, nor have our children faced less prosperity than their forebears.

The two-party system has failed us. The moment has come for American citizens to come together for our mutual benefit to solve the problems that lie before us. The Justice Party issues a clarion call to join our community of concerned Americans demanding social, economic, and environmental justice for all, not just for the wealthiest Americans and their corporations.
Getting the corrupting influence of money out of politics

We seek to return political power to the people through fair and transparent elections, campaign finance reform, proportional representation, and Constitutional amendment. The Justice Party is a grassroots, broad-based, real political alternative to the corporate-controlled Democratic and Republican parties. We invite you to help build America’s just future.

If you are a member and have questions regarding the development and growth of the Justice Party, you are encouraged to take advantage of the following opportunity: (Please note, if you have not yet had the opportunity to join the national Justice Party there is still time to do so and participate in this event.)

Please join us via your phone for:

Saturday, February 16, 2013
12:00 PM ET | 11:00 AM CT | 10:00 AM MT | 9:00 AM PT

Hear from presidential candidate and Justice Party co-founder Rocky Anderson, vice presidential candidate Luis Rodriguez, co-chair Laura Bonham and the members of the Justice Party National Steering Committee.

Following the opening comments, we will answer your questions and hear your suggestions and comments.

Allow 90 minutes for the call.

Please become a JPUS member (click the Member tab) and then register for the event:
We will send you the necessary details after you register.

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