Washington State Labor Council president Jeff Johnson: Pelz criticisms of Kucinich "reprehsensible"

At Bob Hasegawa’s State Senate campaign kickoff event in Renton today (Sunday), I spoke with Washington State Labor Council president Jeff Johnson. I asked Johnson what he thought of State Dem Chair Dwight Pelz’s criticisms of Dennis Kucinich. Johnson authorized me to report that when he heard of Pelz’s words, Johnson phoned Pelz and told him that he thought Pelz’s criticisms were “reprehensible.” Johnson said that Pelz responded by saying that they’d have to agree to disagree.

Last year and again recently, Pelz ridiculed Kucinich for considering a run for Congress in Washington State.

Last summer Johnson said, “His [Kucinich’s] message is resonating well out here in the labor community, and if he did decide to run, we would welcome him.”

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