Video of Progressive Talk Radio speech of Norman Goldman

Here is a video of the Norman Goldman speech in Seattle.

Party On for Progressive Radio with Norman Goldman was the first major event sponsored by Progressive Radio Northwest (PRNW). The evening was a great success, highlighted by the inimitable Nor-man, terrific speakers, and the feisty enthusiasm of a standing-room-only crowd.

At Party On, more than 250 attendees heard about the many challenges ahead and learned that PRNW firmly believes in the “challenge brings opportunity” school of thought.

The people who have formed Progressive Radio Northwest are looking at several options to bring back progressive radio to the Puget Sound Area, including finding a buyer or buyers who could purchase a station and convert it to progressive talk or creating an Internet radio station (Norman Goldman believes this is the way of the future).

The bad news of is that city after city has lost its only progressive radio station. The good news is that more and more people are speaking out and showing up.

You can view the entire evening or just Norman Goldman’s presentation by going to PRNW’s YouTube channel:

Stay tuned for further developments, and keep checking the PRNW website:

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