WA 40thLD Resolution from 2014 warned about U.S. provocations in Ukraine


WHEREAS the conflict in the Ukraine is heating up into a potential major war between nuclear superpowers, and

WHEREAS in February of this year,  the U.S. government,  led  by neo-con Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, and Ukraine ambassador Geoffrey  Piatt,   supported the violent overthrow of the elected president of the Ukraine (Viktor Yanukovych),   after  he decided against entering  into an exclusive economic and political agreement with the EU that would place Ukraine into severe austerity  with loans of $160 million over 5 years,  and  bond payments larger than that,  while the Russian offer would pay $15 billion in cash.   Yanukovych took the latter,  and  extreme right-wing nationalist militias, funded by the U.S. led the violence that sent the president packing.   Initially thousands of non-violent people in western Ukraine were in the streets demanding Yanukovich step down,  but they were replaced by  Neo-fascist leaders now hold key positions in the U.S.-backed government in Kiev, including overseeing the military and police.   Many of these U.S.-recommended  leaders belong to anti-semitic parties, including the Svoboda Party, who continue to stoke up animosities with eastern Ukraine.     Some of these leaders have been celebrated by visits from John McCain and Vice President Biden.

AND WHEREAS  Russia responded by facilitating the annexation of Crimea, historically part of Russia, and home to a majority of Russian-speaking people, with a 90%  vote approving annexation,

AND WHEREAS an interim peace agreement between the US, Russia and the EU quickly fell apart due to lack of invited participation by resistance groups in Eastern Ukraine,    aggression on the part of extreme nationalists on both sides is now escalating.

AND WHEREAS evidence provided by Princeton Russian history professor Stephen Cohen, writing in the Nation,  reveals that American media have “greased the wheels” of Putin-bashing and anti-Russian attitudes in our public domain,  reigniting the Cold War mentality that is quickly leading to hot war.

AND WHEREAS we have many issues in common with the Russian government, i.e. they have helped President Obama in the situations in Syria, Iran, and with nuclear disarmament in the former Soviet states, the Russians essentially won World War 2 by opening a European front freeing us from Hitler’s domination,  and in which conflict they lost over 26 million people.  Instead of celebrating our most cherished common accomplishment with them on the 70th anniversary of D-Day in June of this year,  President Obama barely brushed shoulders with President Putin in France.

AND WHEREAS the Whatcom Democrats’ platform contains the following: “Our government should not engage in overt or covert efforts to destabilize other nations’ governments”,  i.e. commit “regime change”,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED,  that we in the 40th LD Democrats agree with the Veterans for Peace statement:

  1.    Counter the outlandish one-sided propaganda in the US mass media by telling the truth to our friends and neighbors and through public action.
  2.    Oppose any U.S./NATO military intervention in Ukraine or attack on Russia.  We also call on Russia and allies to step down aggression  and de-escalate tensions  that could potentially lead to a nuclear-armed war.
  3.   Oppose economic sanctions on Russia, which typically harm the most vulnerable populations the most, and can be a prelude to war.
  4.    We oppose shoring up the illegitimate government of Ukraine with billions of U.S. tax dollars that would be better spent on much needed social programs at home.
  5.    We will seek to understand the varying interests of all involved and encourage a nonviolent, diplomatic outcome to this dangerous crisis, and turn Ukraine into a field of cooperation with Russia through a jointly supported bailout devoid of geopolitical motivation, and recognizing that a NATO expansion into Russia’s sphere of influence is not legitimate.    If they had overthrown the elected government of Mexico (no matter how corrupt), we would certainly have taken back Baja California.
  6.    We need continued cooperation on all of our common interests with the Russians,  including the need to prevent jihadist attacks in the region.

Submitted on June 17th by Dianne Foster,   PCO
Approved by 40TH LD

References  available on request.
Best sources:
The Nation
Democracy NOW
Paul Craig Roberts blog

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