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Summary of Jeffrey Sachs interview with Andrew Napolitano about the CIA, JFK, and Ukraine

CIA Manipulation of Public Opinion

Here’s my summary:

The security state (CIA and Pentagon) run the government more than the White House does, especially when the president is old and weak, as is Biden.  Congress mostly follows what the White House wants (on foreign policy) [and funds the security state extravagantly].  The peoples’ voices barely matter.

The Constitution says that the public must get to know how money is spent, but the government hides a lot of CIA stuff.

Truman created the CIA in 1947 but in 1962 he wrote an oped for the morning edition of WA Post denouncing it as out of control. The oped was withdrawn from the evening edition.  JFK criticized the CIA a few months before his death.

Napolitano asked: Does the intelligence community have a stranglehold on Congress by dirt it has on it?  Sachs didn’t reply directly. Instead, he said that the CIA had two parts:  intelligence gathering, and a secret army. The first part was needed. The second part is out of control.

We have gone off the rails.  Regime change operations. Psyops. Relentlessly false information. Murder.  The facts never see the light of day.  The (Frank) Church Committee exposed some of the CIA shenanigans. We’ve been engaged in nonstop regime operations. The one in 2014 got us into a dangerous war.  “We never heard the truth about that.”

Rogue parts of the U.S. gov may have killed JFK.  The Warren Commission’s magic bullet theory is completely wrong. An 88 year old Secret Service agent recently said the magic bullet theory is wrong because he found the bullet in the back of the limousine and put it on the stretcher. [The BBC covers the story here: Ex-Secret Service agent reveals new JFK assassination detail.]  Alan Dulles (the CIA director fired by JFK) ran the Warren Commission.

Interestingly, the American people never bought the story, because it was so absurd.   But basically they got away with it.  Biden is too old and weak to control the CIA, “And we face a very serious problem.”   Both parties are terrified of the intelligence community, “and they are in a sense paid off” via military jobs in congressional districts.

Sachs says he admires Rand Paul so much for speaking out and telling the truth on many things. But he can’t find any colleagues to help him. They don’t even dare to have a  discussion about Ukraine, despite the many lies told.  [The peace movement needs to engage with Rand Paul more!]

UK, Australia and other Anglo-Saxon countries follow the U.S. lead, blindly and against their self-interest.

Napolitano showed a video clip of Admiral Kirby, spokesperson for the National Security Council, saying at White House press conference recently that the goal of the U.S. continues to be to expel Russia from all of occupied Ukraine. Sachs says that’s a lie and Kirby and others know, including senior members of Congress, know that Russia will never give back Crimea. So Kirby knows he’s not telling the truth — “thereby the smirk.”  Sachs says that Kirby doesn’t explain why we’re in the war, why we toppled the government — another regime change operation in 2014.  Why we pushed NATO enlargement into Ukraine against a clear Russian redline that our own diplomats said was a reckless move and a dangerous move.    Sachs smiled and said that there was a recent gaffe when NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg spoke to the EU parliament last week and said, ‘Yes, this is a war because of NATO enlargement.’   Oops, said Sachs (putting his hand over his mouth), Stoltenberg just said what the Putin apologists say.  We overthrew a government that wanted neutrality.

Napolitano showed a clip from a CBS News interview with Gen. Milley (chair of Joint Chiefs of Staff), who said he talks with the Ukraine armed forces senior commander one to three times a week.  The video showed the situation room of the Pentagon. The staff there monitor intelligence collected from Ukraine. The video showed monitors apparently showing the location of Ukrainian forces.  Napolitano asked Sachs if it was reckless to show the maps.  Sachs says his concern is different. “It was completely knowable and predictable that the U.S. was sending Ukraine into a bloodbath this summer.”  If you consider Russia’s echelon defenses that it dug in and its air superiority, you’d know the counter-offensive was doomed.  The U.S. is not telling the truth to ourselves and the American people. Senators Mitt Rommney and Max Blumenthal said we’re getting our money’s worth in this war. But we’re sending 10s of thousands of Ukrainian young people to their deaths. We are bankrolling a bloodbath of Ukrainians.

Another video clip shows Zelensky saying they waited too long for weapons, so the counter-offensive was too late, so the Russian laid good mines, etc.  Naopolitano says Ukraine is a vassal state that we’re paying for.  Zelensky failed miserably.  The war started in 2014 with the coup. Within a few days of the start of the February 2022 phase of the war. Zelensky soon realized he should neogiotate. He tried to negotiate an end to the war, but the U.S. pressured him to stop negotiating.  Zelensky made a mistake by listening to the U.S. and now Ukraine is being destroyed. It’s a bloodbath. Nobody is speaking honestly.  U.S. leaders say that Ukraine just needs more time. Sachs says it’s a lie.  The truth is that this is a terrible blunder that the U.S. pushed Ukraine into. Biden doesn’t tell this truth. “Biden was there from the very start, because he was part of the overthrow group in 2014. It was Biden, it was Nuland, it was Blinken, it was Sullivan. Way back then, same team, under President Obama — same crowd. They’re there today. They made a horrific, horrific set of miscalculations, and they won’t tell the truth because now we have an election coming up — an election that President Biden shouldn’t be any part of anyway because  he’s too old and absolutely should not be president again”.

Sachs says he’ll appear with Napolitano next week too.


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