Scott Ritter allegations against Zelensky


Scott Ritter Investigation: Agent Zelensky – Part 1

former United States Marine Corps intelligence officer and United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) weapons inspector Scott Ritter accuses Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky of corruption and of being an agent for British Intelligence.

I don’t know what to make of the video. The soundtrack (music with drumbeat) is very annoying,  for two reasons. First, it makes the video seem like yellow journalism (propaganda). Second, the soundtrack is often so loud that I have trouble understanding what the moderator and interviewees are saying, especially given some of the strong accents.  Still, some of what Ritter says seems plausible.

The video

  • presents allegations of Zelensky’s corruption (e.g., with revelations from the Panama Papers);
  • claims Zelensky is working for a Ukrainian oligarch;
  • lists Zelensky’s many real estate holdings in various countries;
  • retells some history about the Minsk Agreements and far right attacks on Russian-speaking Ukrainians;
  • recalls the role of far right groups in Ukraine;
  • shows the role of American orgs and PR firms in helping Zelensky get elected;
  • claims that British intelligence agents helped Zelensky theatrically stage the Bucha massacre; and
  • (the main allegation) claims that Zelensky is an agent of MI6.

Ritter says Zelensky went to London and met with Richard Moore, the head of MI6, at MI6’s headquarters.  Ritter shows video of Zelensky in Britain to back up his claims.  Ritter says that, according to protocol, the head of a foreign country would not normally go to a foreign country and meet with a relatively minor government official. Ritter calls Moore Zelensky’s “handler.”   He shows a video of Zelensky surrounded by a security team, after the war started;  some of the team are British, according to Ritter.  The evidence? They’re wearing the Ukrainian flag patch upside down — a no-no for Ukrainians — plus, you can hear the accents.

Reuters reported in August of 2020 that Britain to lead training programme for Ukrainian navy. Also in August of 2020, a Ukrainian Information Agency reported that Ukraine, UK sign major deal on strategic partnership. Likewise, Ukraine, UK sign memo on enhancing military-technical cooperation.

Zelensky goes to meet the Pope in the Vatican, where some Brits follow every step of Zelensky. Ritter calls it like the meeting between a priest and a devil.  (Ritter’s hyperbole weakens his argument.)   The Pope wears white. Zelensky is dressed in black and wears the patch of the UNO — the Ukrainian Nationalist Organization (at time 34:30).  He gave the Pope an icon (painting) with Mary holding a black figure instead of Christ — which is outright Satanism, according to Ritter.    Ritter says that Zelensky ignored the Pope’s calls for peace but met with Bishop Paul Gallagher, a Brit, for an hour and a half. Richard Moore (head of MI6) was present.   The video shows images apparently documenting this.    Ritter says the Brits (?) took Zelensky’s kids as hostages.   He says the next episode tells more stuff.

I don’t know what to make of all this. Parts of the video made little sense to me. I wasn’t sure of the point sometimes. Wikipedia says Ritter wrote for RT.

BTW, Forward (“Jewish, Independent, Nonprofit”) reported on July 3, 2023: Why did Stanford students host a group of neo-Nazis?: The Azov battalion, a neo-Nazi Ukrainian unit, has found friends among America’s elite.

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