Torture "undisputed," but protestors banned

Accountability For The Past, Democracy For The Future!
The Peoples’ Response to the Opening of the Bush Lie-Bury

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Backbone Campaign, CodePink and activists and progressive organizations from across the nation converge in Texas for the Opening of the Bush Library and Policy Institute.

this action Demanding “Accountability For The Past and Democracy For The Future!” This is the Peoples’ Response to a Lie-Bury memorializing a President, Administration, and policies guilty of war crimes, wrecking our economy, and steering our country into the ground and away from so many missed opportunities.

Almost 10 years ago Backbone Campaign came into existence when an affinity group of artists decided to take action rebuilding the progressive movement and enlivening citizen engagement. Help us accomplish this by making your contribution today– it’s DOUBLED!

For Earth Day, Backbone Campaign and our awesome allies launched a Youth-Led Initiative to Demand Generational and Environmental Justice in the Northwest.

This was one of the most beautiful rallies and marches we’ve ever created. The budding alliance among Native and non-native youth, and autonomous activists is a real threat to climate cooking criminals. Stay tuned for the video from the action and the youths’ appeals to Burlington North Santa Fe owner and toxic coal transporter Warren Buffet to live up to his legacy and stop undercutting their future!
iMatter Youth March Seattle Earth Day 2013

Backbone worked with
Idle No More, Get Money Out Of Politics, Climate Change For Families, the Sierra Club, and many affiliated activists to make the Seattle iMatter Youth March a reality.


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