Too much welfare!

I’m sick and tired of all those lazy ne’re-do-wells who live off the public dole.

You know who I’m talking about. Those welfare-loving persons who feel entitled to government handouts but who complain if they have to contribute to society.

I’m talking about corporations such as GE, Apple, Goldman Sachs, ExxonMobil, Boeing, and Microsoft.

Without government services and protections, the market system wouldn’t function and these corporations would be out of business.

But GE, Apple and dozens of other large corporations have avoided federal taxes by off-shoring profits and by other shady tax avoidance schemes.
Tax Dodgers

The Wall Street banks finagled trillions in bailouts, hand out billions of dollars in bonuses, and continue to borrow money at lower interests than debt-burdened students.

Big Oil receives billions of dollars from the oil-depletion allowance and massive subsidies in the form of government-funded roads.

The Real Welfare Queens: Big Oil

Microsoft and Boeing got themselves exempt from most Washington State taxes.

Boeing, GE and other military contractors received hundreds of billions of dollars from military contracts and from spending on disastrous, unfunded, and unnecessary wars.

Meanwhile, states struggle to find money to pay for education. Unemployment remains high as jobs are sent overseas and foreign workers are brought in to work at high tech firms.

How do they want to pay for this mess? By raiding the Social Security Trust fund, even though Social Security hasn’t contributed a penny to the deficits.

Yet tax rates on corporations and rich people are at the lowest effective level in decades. Corporate profits are high, and concentration of wealth is increasing.

In fact, author Clive Boddy defines psychopaths as “totally heartless, totally ruthless and totally calculating in their approach to life.” That fits corporate “persons” to a T, since by law their only motivation is profit for the shareholders.

Stopping the class war

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