Thursday News Report from the South Shore of the Salish Sea

Wiki Commons - courtesy Giovanni Dall'OrtoGood day yesterday in Cascadia as the Washington State leglislature moved gay marriage forward through Senate vote.

The gov put her weight behind this legislation, apparently trying to establish some kind of legacy public policy. I am completely supportive of the gay marriage legislation, but I have to wonder why the dems will only push one small part of a progressive agenda at a time. The public is crying out for significant change in public policy and the dem party is such a timid organization.

In another section of the Senate, I believe the Washington Investment Trust remains stuck under the thumb of roadkill Senators Steve Hobbs and Mary Haugen. Lots of good information about public banks at Banking in the Public Interest. This is an idea whose time has come. Banks for the 99%. Please. Let’s do that, shall we?

Want to let Steve Hobbs know what you think about his roadkill status?

How about Mary Haugen?

Steve Hobbs

Mary Haugen

Can we help these two get scooped out of the middle of the road where they are doing no discernible good? Is there an election coming up? Let’s help these folks join our neighbors who are out there looking for work, shall we?

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