American Spring: Strategies for Growing from Occupation to Liberation

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American Spring: Strategies for Growing from Occupation to Liberation

Kazu Haga and Bill Moyer lead interactive strategy presentations and dialog
THIS Saturday, February 4, Noon-4pm in Seattle
Sunday – Kingian Nonviolence Intro Training by Kazu

American Spring
Saturday, February 4, Noon-4 PM
(Sunday training and meeting information further below)
American Friends Service Committee
814 NE 40th Street, Seattle
Recommended donation: $5 (no one will be turned away for lack of funds)

Kazu Haga – Oakland activist and Kingian Nonviolence trainer
Bill Moyer – Strategy and creative tactics trainer, co-founder of the Backbone Campaign,
(new) Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm – Kingian trainer and outreach coordinator for FOR’s Bring Our Billions Home campaign

How do we seize this populist moment and create a more powerful movement for economic and social justice? How do we reinvigorate the people who came out for local Occupy efforts, but were later turned away, turned off, or burnt out? How do we build movement capacity, expand alliance, and increase cohesion and resolve so that the American Spring is builds our power to transform society? What can we learn from Kingian nonviolence to assist us in this effort?Bill will present a unique collection of insights into the nature of conflict, strategy, and building power gathered from the country’s leading community organizers, pentagon strategists, and the Backbone Campaign’s many years of artful activism. Kazu share stories from his experience as part of Occupy Oakland and he and Kaeley will present concepts from Kingian Nonviolence and the lessons that apply to our current dilemmas and opportunities.Join us for this interactive session in person, so that we can learn from the past, share tools, and begin to craft a vision for moving forward. If you would like to participate via webstream, please contact Bill Moyer at

For an introduction to Bill and Kazu tune into Mind Over Matters on 90.3 KEXP
Saturday morning, Feb. 4, 7:30-8 AM

Kazu Haga of the Positive Peace Warrior Network and Bill Moyer of Backbone Campaign will be radio guests on the “Sustainability Segment,” which features interviews with inspiring leaders and grass roots activists on environmental, social, and economic issues affecting life and the future of our planet.


Kingian Nonviolence Introductory Training
Sunday, February 5, 1-3pmA Conversation with Oakland Activist Kazu Haga and Kaeley Pruit-HammLocation: St. Mark’s Cathedral, Bloedel Hall
1245 Tenth Ave. E, Seattle
Cost: Recommended donation: $5

(Click on photo below to view video)

Dr. Martin Luther King reminded us that peace is not only the absence of tension, but the presence of justice. Join us for a conversation with Kazu Haga to learn more about Kingian Nonviolence–a systematic framework of both conceptual principles and pragmatic strategies to reduce violence and promote positive peace at the personal, community, national, and global levels.Read Kazu’s essays at the Positive Peace Warrior Network

Sun, Feb 5, 3:30-6:30pm
Occupy Seattle Non-Violence Group Meeting

This group meets weekly. Their mission statement is: “In solidarity with the global Occupy movement, we are committed to advocating and promoting the principles and practices of nonviolence in pursuit of a just and sustainable world.” Kazu Haga will attend this meeting as a participant.
Location: Washington State Convention Center
800 Convention Place, Seattle (Downtown, on 8th Ave, between Pike and Union).

Please note: Several groups meet at the Convention Center before the Occupy Seattle General Assembly. Check the Facebook Occupy Seattle Non-Violence Group Meeting page for more information about the specific location within the Convention Center.

Recent interview with Bill Moyer on Punk Patriot

(Click on photo below to view video)

Learn more about Bill and the work of Backbone Campaign at their website. Video and photos of recent actions in DC are here. Here are some sample organizer resource pages on Credit Union organizing and Eviction Protection.Their identity-building effort for the occupation movement and DC’s occupation of Freedom Plaza got images in press around the world and LIFE magazine’s 2011 the Year in Pictures.




phone: (206) 408-8058

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