Thom Hartmann: Reversing America’s Financial Crash (Seattle Town Hall, May 21, 2014)

Progressive talk radio host and prolific author Thom Hartmann outlines the structural roots of historic financial crashes and explains why the worst is yet to come.  Tying this to the decline of the middle class and record wealth disparity he makes the connection of why the current national movement for a constitutional amendment to overturn Supreme Court rulings that corporations are persons, entitling them to buy elections and run our government is a necessary step before real economic and political reform can happen.   Washington State is leading the nation with a ballot initiative campaign [I-1329] to direct the state congressional delegation to vote for such an amendment.  Signature gathering is ongoing now and your support is needed.  See: Thom Hartmann is the author of 24 books, the latest of which is The Crash of 2016: The Plot to Destroy America–and What We Can Do to Stop It.   Watch Pirate Television in King County channel 29/77  Mondays 8-9pm, Thurs. 1-2pm, & Sun. 1-2am PST or streaming live on Seattle Community Media.  Pirate TV streams several times a week on Puget Sound Access.  Pirate TV also broadcasts on Free Speech TV: Details listed in FStv Schedule.  See also: FStvPirateTV Website,  Pirate TV Archive:

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