The long march for a $15/hr minimum wage

Last Thursday, on one of the coldest days in years, more than 100 fast food workers & community allies marched all the way from SeaTac to Seattle City Hall for $15 an hour — that’s 13+ miles and the temperature never got above freezing.

A day-long march in the bone-chilling cold may sound pretty rough, but it was actually a great time. Don’t believe it? Check read our travel-log style write up or checkout out the video highlights:

Fast food workers led the all-day march to trace the path from the first big victory for the $15 movement in SeaTac to our next destination: Seattle City Hall. And we got there with spirit, enthusiasm, and even light-up signs. (Seriously. There are photos.)

Our march for $15 was big news. How big? Every local TV & radio outlet showed up, and we were on The Seattle Times front page – twice.

This quote from a KING 5 anchor pretty much sums it up:

“The $15 minimum wage fever is spreading to Seattle, and these activists have the momentum.”


Just a month after the November elections, our march served notice that we expect city officials to follow through on the commitments they’ve made to support $15/hour.

Now let’s keep the momentum going: help spread the word by sharing our video on Facebook and letting your friends know why you support striking poverty and raising Seattle with $15/hour pay.

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