Tax Evaders, Pay Up Now!

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Light Actions targets corporate tax dodgers who aren’t paying their fair share.

We’re Not Broke! It’s when greedy corporations don’t pay taxes that we get austerity for the masses.

In 2010 Boeing paid no U.S. taxes on over $4 billion of income, in fact, they got $124 million back from the taxpayers. (PayUPNOW) Alternet reported that in 2012 in addition to receiving a refund despite $21.5 billion in profits, the company ranked high in job cutting, underfunded pensions, and contractor misconduct.

According to a report by the Institute for Policy Studies, Boeing Co. CEO James McNerney Jr. recieved $18.4 million in pay, which was more than Boeing paid in federal taxes. The report also found that 25 other of America’s highest-paid CEOs received more in compensation last year than their companies paid in federal taxes, according to the Washington, D.C., bureau of American City Business Journals.

Unfair tax policy has been placing the burden on middle and low-income families for far too long. We are now experiencing the wave of crippling austerity policies creep across the country closing schools and other vital services. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said, “At a time when we have a $16.6 trillion national debt; at a time when roughly one-quarter of the largest corporations in America are paying no federal income taxes; and at a time when corporate profits are at an all-time high, it is past time for corporate America to contribute significantly.”-  Common Dreams on March 11th, 2013.

We’re Not Broke! this country is full of wealth, but the fact that Corporations are getting away with hiding their profits oversees and aren’t fully contributing back to the communities that made them so successful means hard-working already stressed families are left with the burden. We’re tired of school closures crippling our communities. It’s time these Tax Dodgers Pay Up!

Backbone Campaign, members of GMOP (Get Money Out of Politics in Seattle), with the help of Other 98% did a rolling light action. The public outside the Mariners game was treated to a dazzling display, a giant projection of a interactive Tax Evaders video game. While dodging austerity and sequester bombs, citizens can shake down corporate tax evaders to take back the resources our communities need to rebuild vital public services like schools, fire fighters, hospitals and more. This is part of a nationally coordinated week of actions across the country with groups like the Overpass Light Brigade, Luminous Intervention, Occupy Wall Street, and US Uncut.

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