Bring the peaceful fight to the banks on July 20

Bring the fight to the banks

Friday July 20th will be an entire day of action. Starting at 10am we will begin sending activists into City Hall one by one to hand deliver a letter that calls on City Council to follow-through with Resolution 31337 (Sec 2.1). After the letter delivery (or during if enough people show up that it takes a few hours) we will meet at Westlake for a rally which will include speakers such as Dorli Rainey and Jeff Reifman. At 1pm we will begin marches around the city past the banks. There will be teach-ins in front of each bank during which we will educate people about the transgressions of the particular institution.

For details see on the Occupy Seattle Peacefully facebook page and also Non-violent week of action with Occupy Seattle Peacefully on WA Liberals.

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