State Supreme Court rules that legislature cannot cut basic education funding, regardless of budget difficulties

State Rep. Ross Hunter is reporting, in Landmark Supreme Court Case, that the State Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that “the Legislature cannot cut basic education funding regardless of the budget difficulties we face.”

The legislature has failed to live up to the lofty language of Article IX of the constitution, and now it should be very clear to everyone that the state must “make ample provision for the education of all children residing within its borders, without distinction or preference on account of race, color, caste, or sex.”

Where will the governor and legislature get the money?  Hopefully not just from the regressive sales tax.

Hopefully, they’ll tax capital gains and eliminate the billions in tax giveaways to billioinaries (including corporations as people!).

Hopefully, they’ll raise tax on capital gains, as proposed in HB 2563.

Addendum: an activist colleague says that the Supreme Court decision was “gutless” because it grants the legislature “all the way to 2018 to comply with our State Constitution…  If Ross really cared about our public schools, he could solve the funding crisis tomorrow by introducing a bill to repeal every corporate tax break that has been enacted since he first took office.”

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