Chat GPT, write me a poem about militarism and the corruption of Congress

Chat GPT, write me a poem about the bipartisan incompetence, corruption and hubris of Congress, where the only things Democrats and Republicans can agree upon is huge military budgets and endless disastrous wars.

(I edited Chat GPT’s output in about a dozen lines.)

In the once hallowed halls where power resides,
Bipartisan folly and corruption collide,
A Congress divided, yet united in shame,
Incompetence their legacy, hubris in reign.

Democrats and Republicans, hand in hand,
Agree on Pentagon budgets, a militarized stand,
Endless wars they embark upon, reliance on force,
While the nation’s soul withers, without remorse.

Ideals once noble, now buried in mire,
As partisanship burns, like a raging wildfire,
They squabble and bicker, each seeking their gain,
But on endless war, they agree in disdain.

The halls echo with promises, empty and cold,
As the wheels of progress screech to a halt,
Lobbyists whisper, their pockets grow fat,
While the common folk struggle with burdensome stat.

Oh, Congress, once noble, what have you become?
A theater of greed, where the people are undone,
The military-industrial complex is on a roll,
Leaving scars on the nation, an unending toll.

Yet still, there is hope, a flicker of light,
In the hearts of the people who yearn for what’s right,
To rise above partisanship, corruption, and greed,
And reclaim the nation’s soul, to fulfill its true need.

Let us demand better, let our voices be heard,
For a nation united, for the common good stirred,
Away from the wars, the budgets so vast,
Toward a future where peace is steadfast.

In the midst of this chaos, let us find our way,
To a brighter tomorrow, a new kind of day,
Where the halls of power echo with truth and compassion,
And the people’s welfare takes precedence with passion.

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