Save Progressive Radio in Seattle (PRS)

Our PRS Team had a meeting on March 20th and we spent the majority of our time discussing our new website that is being created. It will be ready for public access in about a month after most of the major content is in place. It will include a history, mission (Why local public radio is still needed despite all of the new technology), ways to access progressive talk shows through the web, ways for people to become involved, and other progressive radio news.

We are still working on making a contact at the Seattle Times and with Senator Maria Cantwell’s office. With our SignOn petition at over 9,500 signatures, we are still looking at the best way to have an impact in the delivery of the signatures. If you have any contacts with local radio stations or newspapers who may have an interest in what we’re doing, please let Carolyn know. We would still like to make it to 10,000 signatures, so please send this link to anyone you know who may want to sign:

We also discussed a Social Event, such as “1090 Listener Reunion” or “1090 Post Mortum.” Members of the team are evaluating possible places, and the concept for the meeting. Music and possible speakers were discussed (Norman Goldman, Ron Reagan, Nick Hanauer – giving his famous TED talk about how the 1% are NOT the job creators. Check it out on YouTube!). If you would like to help plan this event in any way, please send us your area of interest to

Please sign the MoveON petition (above), so we get over 10,000 signatures.

Also, if you know of an AM radio station with a strong signal for sale, please let us know. We found a limited signal for sale in Renton for 2.8 million $…

Or, if you happen to have several million $ to invest, that would also be very helpful…we have a marketing plan.

Or even better, we would really like to create a listener-owned commercial progressive, strong signal, station!!!

We are hopeful, yet concerned, about the availability to get access to a strong radio signal! Why doesn’t the FCC care about balance of the public airwaves?