Pastor Leslie Braxton’s denunciation of Trump and his supporters

When a nation elects a man as manifestly depraved and ill suited to be president as Donald Trump it is evident of a deep moral and spiritual sickness throughout that nation. Trump did not seize the presidency by force. He did not storm the nation’s capital with a military host.

No, 63+ million Americans walked into the privacy of a voting booth and consciously cast a ballot for a man who has been unapologetically racist, misogynistic and predatory in his sexual inclinations, corrupt in his business dealings, frequently bankrupted, disrespectful towards anyone who ever disagrees with him, and openly contemptuous of any law or political norm that blocks his path.

Those who pretzel up their professed “values” to rationalize support for this vulgar and degenerate president render themselves hypocritical in any past,present or future discussions of morality and/or personal character, the rule of law, fiscal responsibility, respect for minority rights and social justice, and embracing of America’s great diversity.

Trump is trash. We’ve known that for decades. But perhaps the greatest achievement of his presidency has been to lay bare the pervasive racist and tribal sentiments that have been percolating beneath the surface throughout this nation all along. There is a political underbelly in this nation that has been waiting for a warrior to come along and speak to their deep racial and cultural resentments and fears, and who would champion the fight to protect THEIR real and perceived “privilege”. Trump is only a symptom of a much larger sickness in America.

The goal of all decent thinking Americans (and certainly followers of Jesus and His teachings) has to be to heal this nation of all that blocs our path toward becoming “a more perfect union” which is best defined by the words aloft in the rotunda in the nations capital, “E pluribus unum” ( out of the many one). Getting rid of Trump is just the first step toward that healing.

-Pastor Leslie Braxton

This little essay is spot on, except it omits one extenuating factor: many people who support Trump are low-information voters and are, in general, duped and brainwashed. They get their info from right wing media, which presents a distorted, propagandized view of the facts. I know otherwise decent people who support Trump.

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