Our leaders don't lead, Tim Eyman leads

Our leaders don’t lead. Governor Gregoire and the legislators have punted on the issue of raising revenue. If you ask legislators, they say “the people” have to demand fair taxation and an end to corporate tax giveaways.

Though the Democrats control the governor’s mansion and both houses in Olympia, they don’t use their positions of power and influence to exert power and influence. They don’t educate the public about economic justice. Instead, they allow Tim Eyman to lead, just as President Obama has allowed Republicans to set the national agenda.

Progressives need to fight the good fight and take over the Democratic Party, the way religious conservatives and Teabaggers took over the GOP. Don’t just attend MoveOn and other advocacy group meetings, get active in your local LD!



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  1. You’re both partly right. Our leaders don’t lead in the way we think they should, and taking over LDs won’t solve the revenue issue.

    We all know that lack of revenue, locally and nationwide, is starving essential programs and undoing decades of advances toward a more civilized society.

    As long as Democrats at the national level continue to act as if deficit reduction by spending reduction is the only way to “solve” the problem of a growing national debt, we will continue to have two parties heading in the same dismal direction, no matter what they claim.

    It’s all about getting re-elected and playing it safe to achieve that end. There are some wonderful exceptions to this, but clearly not enough. The mantra is that you can’t do anything if you’re not at the table. The fact is that being at the table isn’t sufficient, but it is necessary.

    If every liberal/progressive were actively involved in the Democratic party, I doubt that their numbers would be great enough to change the pattern. Look at our own party. Judging by Pelz’s background, one would expect him to be leading the way to encourage and enable democratic grass roots activism, but judging by his actions, it’s the last thing he wants to see take hold in the party structure.

    How do we change the message?

    [In response to Chad Lupke’s comment on the wa-liberals yahoo group:

    If a majority of the people of Washington supported raising revenue, Eyman’s initiatives would fail.

    Taking over the party organizations at a local or state level is not enough. It never has been. We need elected officials who will push raising revenue above anything else, and too few will do that.]

  2. The uprising is: overturn Citizens United with a Constitutional Amendment; implement public financing; elect progressive leaders who will put justice and peace over profits and war. In that order.

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