Occupiers to converge on Olympia this weekend, work with Dems like Hasegawa

Occupy Olympia

I heard this on Norman Goldman’s radio show and tracked down some references. The caller mentioned Rep. Bob Hasegawa by name and lauded his work on the state bank and other issues. Goldman spoke of knowing and liking Hasegawa as well. (See Norman Goldman, Bob Hasegawa, and Adam Kline speak at the WPC banquet.) So, the Occupy movement IS getting political, they said, and they are working with compatible politicians.

According to The 2012 Occupy Solidarity Social Forum,

With a format inspired by the one employed by the US Social Forum, the OSSF is an Occupy Wall Street conference to be held in Olympia, WA February 18th and 19th. Occupy Olympia is hosting the weekend of events, forums, actions, workshops and strategy sessions about and for the OWS movement. While the audience will be mostly regional, the OSSF is co-sponsored by the Alliance For Global Justice who is reaching out to Occupy organizations all over the US and encouraging their participation. We think that Olympia, between the two power houses of Occupy Portland and Occupy Seattle, will be a good meeting place to have face to face conversations that move us towards our next steps.

“Occupy Olympia (WA) and the Alliance for Global Justice are hosting an Occupy Solidarity Social Forum Feb. 18-19 in the Washington state capital city. The self-organized, social forum-type gathering is open to all occupiers and allies.”  (source)


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