Libertarians who get rich from the government

In 11 Questions You Should Ask Libertarians to See if They’re Hypocrites Richard (RJ) Eskow describes how libertarianism in America was raised from the grave by billionaire benefactors, such as the Koch brothers, who were eager to justify the lower taxes and deregulation that have crashed our economy and concentrated wealth in the hands of a few.   Eskow writes:

Few libertarians are as hypocritical as the billionaires who earned their fortunes in the tech world. Government created the Internet. Government financed the basic research that led to computing itself. And yet Internet libertarians are among the most politically extreme of them all.

How did Peter Thiel and other Internet billionaires become wealthy? They hired government-educated employees to develop products protected by government copyrights. Those products used government-created computer technology and a government-created communications web to communicate with government-educated customers in order to generate wealth for themselves, which was then stored in government-protected banks — after which they began using that wealth to argue for the elimination of government.

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