Why it is Important to the Peace Movement to keep Dennis Kucinich in Congress

I  think all this talk about allowing Republicans in Ohio to gerrymander Dennis Kucinich out of Congress fails to consider the bigger picture. If  we in the Peace Movement lose Dennis’s voice in Congress, who will lead  the cause of peace in what has become a war-mongering nation? No one in  Congress has been more consistently opposed to wars than Dennis Kucinich. No one has been more outspoken and courageous in standing up to the military industrial monopoly than Dennis. No one has been a greater defender of the US Constitution and the Duty reserved to Congress to declare war than Dennis. So, as someone who believes in the cause of peace, come Hell or High Water, I am going to do everything I can to keep Dennis in Congress – wherever he runs.

The only question in my mind is what is the best way to keep Dennis in Congress? I have reviewed the political nightmare in Ohio – analyzing every one of their Congressional Districts. Republicans are in charge of  redistricting in Ohio and there is no question that after Republicans get through redrawing the Ohio map, Dennis will have no viable options left in Ohio – given his pledge that he will not run against another incumbent Democrat. I then moved on to study every other State picking up Congressional seats. Most of these are in Texas and Florida – two States where Dennis would be unlikely to win.

Finally, I looked at Washington State . Here is a study I did explaining why it is highly likely that the new 10th Congressional District will be in NE King County – and will be a Democratic leaning Congressional District with no incumbent from either party. Having lived in NE King County for more than 30 years, I am extremely confident that Independents and even Republicans would vote for Dennis – because out here spending trillions of dollars on endless wars has become VERY unpopular.

So  yes, THOUSANDS of peace advocates from all over the US would work hard to elect Dennis wherever he ran. And THOUSANDS of peace advocates from Seattle would also work hard to elect Dennis should he run here in Washington State . But ultimately it will be up to the voters. So the question is whether the voters of East King County would support a nationally known Peace Candidate like Dennis. I believe they will. And I  believe this new Congressional District in our State will be Dennis’s best chance of any place in the entire nation to remain in Congress.

I am sorry about what is happening in Ohio . But there is nothing I can do about the problem of the out-of-control Republicans in Ohio who hate Dennis so much they are willing to rig the election system just to get rid of him. But should Dennis decide to come to Washington State , I for one intend to work day and night and knock on as many doors as I can to help keep Dennis’s voice for Peace in Congress.

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