Is Andrew Cuomo another Barack Obama?

I read an excellent article in The Nation by Eric Alterman, “Cuomo v.s. Cuomo.” Alterman describes how Andrew Cuomo (current governor of NY and son of former governor Mario Cuomo) is socially liberal and, unlike his father, economically conservative.

Andrew Cuomo passed gun control and gay marriage. But he’s extremely anti-tax. He cut taxes and maneuvered to help Republicans, even Tea Partiers, win seats in the legislature.  Cuomo won praise from Republicans including Chris Christie.  New York Times report Michael Powell called him the “bulldog for the rich.”

But some of Cuomo’s rhetoric is progressive and inspiring, especially about campaign finance reform.

Alterman wondered whether Cuomo’s progressive-sounding rhetoric about campaign finance reform is just a smokescreen meant to seduce Democratic primary voters into supporting him in 2016, when he may run for president, especially if Hillary drops or fizzles out.

Is Cuomo another Obama?  Or another Rodney Tom (liberal about gay marriage and women’s rights but conservative about budget and labor issues)?

If it’s a choice between Hillary and Andrew in 2016, I’ll likely choose Elizabeth Warren.

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