InspireSeattle: Nick Licata's Observations of ALEC

Hi everyone!  Below is an invitation to our next InspireSeattle Social, Sunday November 15th at 5:30PM at Dave and Pat Griffith’s home.  We have scored again and will have a great speaker, Nick Licata to discuss his Observations of ALEC.


Remember – IT’S A POTLUCK!!

Come join us!


Invites YOU to join us at our Social Forum:  Sunday, November 15th at 5:30PM.

Main discussion topic for this evening:  Nick Licata’s Observations of ALEC

Do you know ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) or son of ALEC, ACE (Alliance for Choice in Education)?  ALEC is the source of some of the most egregious legislation over the last decade.  ALEC is the marriage of corporate influence with state and local legislators (mostly Republican) who devise “model” legislation which is often adopted word for word in state legislatures.  Some examples are “stand your ground” laws, restrictive voter requirements, and privatization of education.

Our own City Councilman Nick Licata attended and blogged about this year’s ALEC assembly.  No, he hasn’t gone over to the dark side, but he will tell us about how ALEC operates and about a new progressive version.

Please join us for this important discussion!

Guest Speaker:  Nick Licata 

Nick Licata grew up in a working class family where neither parent graduated from high school.  Though he couldn’t read until age nine, he was the first of his relatives to attend college.  At Bowling Green State University he led the local chapter of Students for a Democratic Society and was elected student body president.

Despite being outspent and with the mayor, council and newspapers supporting his opponent, Nick was elected to the city council.  Elected to five terms, he was named by the Nation as “Progressive Municipal Official of the Year” and twice named “Best Local Politician” by the Seattle Weekly.  In 2003 Licata authored the children’s novel Princess Bianca and the Vandals.  Nick has a new book in progress on how to be a social activist.

About InspireSeattle:

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When:  Sunday, November 15th at 5:30PM.  NOTE THE DAY AND TIME and please try to be on time!!!

Where:  Dave and Pat Griffith’s place, 2561 12th Ave. West, Seattle  WA  98119, (206) 285-2452

Google map:,+Seattle,+WA+98119/@47.642487,-122.3750827,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x54901575abc590a7:0x6e8181ffe60c3d96

By Bus:  You can take the #1 which stops about 3 blocks away, or the #2 which stops 6 blocks away or the D Line which requires a hike up three blocks of steps.


It’s a potluck:  so please help out and bring something to eat and to drink!

5:30 to 6:30:  Social time!  Eat, drink, relax, and catch up with some other local progressives

Formal discussion and guest speakers, 6:30 to 8:30

Other Announcements – got any?

Rules of Engagement!

1.  So that everyone has a chance to participate, please keep your comments short

2.  Raise one’s hand to ask a question in lieu of shouting out

3.  Respect the points of views of others

4.  No arguing of politics during the formal discussion – save that for afterwards! 

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