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Hiding Behind Tim Eyman

Democratic leaders hiding behind Tim Eyman
Democratic leaders hiding behind Tim Eyman

[From top right, clockwise:  House Chair Rep. Frank Chopp,  Sen. Steve Hobbs,  Rep. Judy Clibborn, Gov. Christine Gregoire,  House Ways & Means Chair Ross Hunter (on bottom left), Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown, House Majority Floor Leader Larry Springer,  Lt. Governor Brad Owen (on upper-left)]

During the run-up to the 2010 election, our Democratic leaders depended on advocacy groups and Bill Gates, Sr. to market the idea of fair taxation. Now, despite the unconstitutionality and immorality of I-1053, our leaders fail to challenge I-1053.

Our leaders don’t lead.

Most of them say they oppose and certainly regret I-1053. But they won’t stick their necks out to challenge it.

Wouldn’t it be better to lose an election than to lose your soul?

The core problem is that voters vote against their own self-interest, because progressive voices are drowned out, squelched and disorganized. And part of the reason for that is the Democrats’ failure to lead. Perhaps the politicians fear retribution from the voters. Perhaps some (a few?) of them are corrupt and really don’t give a damn.  I’m sure that some of our legislators are afraid of the lobbyists who would descend like locusts on Olympia were they to try to remove tax exemptions.   For whatever reason, our leaders hide behind Tim Eyman.

Another problem is the over use of citizen initiatives. The reason we don’t have direct democracy (where the voters vote for legislation, without relying on elected representatives in Congress) is that many issues are too complex for the average person. Furthermore, voters are easily deceived and can be convinced to vote for unjust initiatives, such as I-1053, which are against their own self-interest.

BTW, someone suggested I show scenes of suffering and loss that will result from I-1053.  If people send me such images I’ll combine them into a Flash animation that might be more effective than the static image above.



6 Replies to “Hiding Behind Tim Eyman

  1. The cowardice of our Democratic Legislators knows no limits. Not a spine to share among the lot of them.
    This is an easy fix. You can’t blame the GOP for this.

    1. I’m not as critical of them as you are. I hear there are some exceptions. Also, I don’t think there is an easy fix. The voters voted against their own self-interest, by a factor of nearly two to one.

  2. I personally prefer to see detailed investigative journalism as opposed to this type of collage, which contradicts the facts about the history of opposition to Eyman’s initiatives. (If waliberals wants to build up credibility as a journalism site, associating Democrats who oppose Eyman with Eyman is not going to accomplish that. I realize that pictures can be interpretive, but the goal is to have interpretations that correspond to the truth.)

    Rather than constructing a false “association” of Democrats with Eyman, it would be more factual to compare the position of Gov. Gregoire with that of Gov. Jerry Brown in California, as follows:

    Governor Brown Checks In With the People of California

    Governor Brown Halts Budget Negotiations (new today)
    (he halted negotiations with the Republicans)

  3. Sprucetree, my intention was not to suggest that Democrats approve of Eyman’s initiatives. My point, rather, was to illustrate their failure to lead on the issue of marketing and defending progressive values with regard to fair taxation and a moral budget.

    There’s nothing “false” about the association of Democrats and Eyman. The point is that Eyman is too powerful and the Democrats are partly responsible for his obtaining that power. Furthermore, despite the unconstitutionality and immorality of I-1053, they don’t challenge its unconstitutionality.

  4. As I said, I never suggested that Democrats approve of I-1053. I am quite aware that they oppose it, mostly privately and rarely in public.

    How can the collage be journalistically inaccurate? It shows Democratic leaders hiding (cowering?) behind Eyman, who seems to be more powerful. This is accurate. Eyman is running the show and Democrats aren’t challenging I-1053.

    Did you have to dig hard to find that quote (from Jan, 2010!)?

    It is accurate to say that the Democrats mostly relied on advocacy groups and on people like Bill Gates, Sr. to support I-1098.

    Furthermore, the Left needs aggressive progressives who pull the Democrats to the Left by not letting them get away with policies such as this year’s budget. We need activism and marketing like this.

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