Gun Nuts' Fantasies

I saw a facebook post by gun nuts who suspect the Sandy Hook massacre was faked in order to restrict gun rights. Here’s the image they posted:


“This whole SANDY HOOK situation is really the event which sparked the latest restrictions on whether people can or cannot protect themselves using firearms… I am very interested in knowing what everyone’s opinion is about it… When I first saw the video clip of the ‘father’ laughing and joking and then preparing himself for the camera and psyching himself up and changing his entire facial expression from happy to mournful, it reminded me of a great movie called WAG THE DOG with Robert De Niro – I am very interested to know who thinks it is fake… I feel the whole incident requires some in-depth investigation. I surely would like to interview this ‘father’ and ask him some questions myself. Any clips, links to follow-up websites etc. is greatly welcome.”

Some of the commenters claimed the relief fund was set up days before the massacre, etc. Gun nuts….

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