Good bye, Dwight

Dwight Pelz announced his upcoming retirement as Chair of the Washington State Dems, effective Feb, 2014. Dwight Pelz

Someone pointed out that Pelz helped raised $8 million for the Democratic Party in 2012. (I have not verified that figure.)

But Pelz was viciously hostile towards Dennis Kucinich, when the former Congressman visited Washington State two years ago to explore the possibility of running for office here.  See Is State Dem Chair Dwight Pelz trying to help Republicans?

Kucinich was and is a hero to many Democrats.  Kucinich’s presence on a state ticket would have motivated tens of thousands of Seattle area activists to work for his election and might even have engaged the many Occupiers and socialists and anarchists who normally shun the Democratic Party.

Pelz’s words against Kucinich aided the Republicans by making a leading Dem look bad and by pissing off lots of Democrats and possible Democrats.

Pelz also came under criticism on Democratic email lists for inviting Newark mayor Cory Booker to be the keynote speaker at the State Convention Gala Banquet in June 2012.   Booker is well known as a supporter of charter schools  — a position at odds with Democratic values and possibly with the State Constitution.

Pelz also was instrumental in aiding Rodney Tom’s ascent to power.  “Pelz said that in retrospect it was a mistake to support Rodney Tom, but sometimes we make mistakes. He can’t kick himself for it.”  See Dwight Pelz speaks on education “reform” and corporate Dems.

In general, the state party seems to prefer corporate Dems over real Dems — perhaps in the name of trying to select “electable” or “moderate” candidates.


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