Exposing Two Microsoft Scams… The Billion Dollar Tax Avoidance Scam and the HiB Union Busting Scam

Last year, Microsoft reported making a record profit of $23 billion on $70 billion in sales.  Had Microsoft paid their fair share of State taxes, they would have paid 1.5 Percent times $70 billion – or one billion dollars in State taxes. This still would have left Microsoft a record profit of $22 billion – and they could have deducted the one billion in State taxes from their federal taxes. Instead, despite $23 billion in record profits, Microsoft paid next to nothing in State taxes!

In this report, we detail why the Microsoft Billion Dollar Per year Tax Scam not only risks the future of one million children – who must endure some of the lowest funded most over-crowded schools in the nation – but also has robbed our families of tens of thousands of jobs here in Washington State. Tax Breaks for Wealthy Multinational Corporations Do Not Create Jobs…Just the opposite, they cost jobs! 

Microsoft Tax Scam Costs our State $1 Billion Per Year  …

Microsoft H1B Visa Mill Abuses… Adding Insult to Injury! …

Corporations Make Billions Not Only Outsourcing Jobs… But Also Importing Lower Wage Foreign Workers to Displace American Workers  …


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