Empower Women: Solidarity, Equity and Activist Support Network


SEASN (Solidarity, Equity and Activist Support Network) provides education, training and support to empower activists to be leaders in the social movement towards equity for all oppressed peoples. We advocate that no voices be silenced due to the pervasive patriarchy that exists within the activist community and throughout our society as a whole. We believe a better world is possible, one where all are treated as equals.

All members of SEASN are unpaid volunteers.

Our current fundraising will support a weekend long NonViolent Direct Action Training for women and female-identified activists.  We believe that women are uniquely suited to be leaders in the current social change movement but many lack the empowerment to stand up and let their voices be heard.  Creating a safe space designed around the learning needs of women is one step towards creating new feminine leaders.

The event will take place November 2-4 beginning Friday with a community dinner and various exercises that will lead to the creation of a community contract, the rules of engagement needed to create a safe learning space for a group of people who have often experienced oppression in their lives.

On Saturday, Kim Marks, an activist trainer with over 15 years of experience working for groups like GreenPeace and Rainforest Action Network, will facilitate a NonViolent Direct Action Training that will address the special issues that women and female-identified voices face such as marginalization of our voices.

That evening we will host a showcase of the vast skills and experience from art to action that exist in the female activist community.  This will be an opportunity for our male-identified allies and other friends to meet the women involved, see our skills first hand, and show their support.

On Sunday we will offer a choice between Know Your Rights legal training and climb training that can be expanded upon for banner drops.



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